The seafood experience

Maestro SVP is the number one destination in Montreal for seafood and oysters for close to 25 years.

Did you know that different waters influence the taste and textures of an oyster? At Maestro SVP, you will be guided through a true oyster experience. A fresh and salty start in Nov Scotia or New Brunswick, followed by a tasting a subtle brinier but crisp oyster from Cape Cod to then finish with a creamier and sweeter Pacific oyster.

On the menu, you will find fresh fish, mussels and not to forget the impressive hot and cold seafood platters. King crab, scallops, shrimps and calamari are also favourites on the menu. And for the meat lovers, lets not forget a melt in your mouth filet mignon.

Founded in 1993 by owner Ilene Polansky, first located on Masson Street in Rosemount and for the last 27 years located on St-Laurent Boulevard


Ilene Polansky Restaurant Owner

Ilene Polansky
Restaurant Owner

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