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Maestro SVP serves oysters all year long.

Up to 60 varieties! Check our chalkboard for daily arrivals and prices.

Our selection :

Atlantic oysters (also called eastern oysters) tend to be briny and crisp on the tongue, you can taste the saltiness of the ocean.

Pacific oysters (sometimes called Japanese oysters) are less salty in flavor, and have a creamier, mineral type of taste. Sometimes fruity and a bit sweet. Kumamoto oysters resemble Pacific oyster, but are more, complex and quite mild, with a creamy texture and buttery finish. Ask about our oyster parties!

Did you know…

Four medium-size oysters provide the recommended daily allowances of selenium, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus and zinc and vitamin B12. Only 10 calories per oyster.

Maestro SVP opened more than 9,000,000 oysters so far

Oyster Menu

  • Aspy bay | (Nova Scotia) Slightly salty, meaty
  • Bagaduce | (Maine) Meaty, juicy
  • Beach Angel | (British Colombia) Briny flavour robust finish,cucumber taste
  • Beausoleil | (New Brunswick) Mild, mineral
  • Belon | (Nova Scotia) Medium size, hazelnut long finish
  • Black Pearl | (British Colombia) Small but with a lot of flavor, watermelon
  • Blackberry Bay | (Prince Edward Island) High salinity, meaty
  • Blue Point | (Long Island) Mild, plump
  • Bras D’Or | (Nova Scotia) Salty, juicy
  • Buckley Bay | (British Colombia) Sweet, vegetable finish
  • Cap-Breton | (Nova Scotia) Salty, meaty
  • Caraquet | (New Brunswick) Medium salinity, sweet, plump, firm texture
  • Carr’s | (Prince Edward Island) Smooth, caramel, taste to body
  • Cavendish | (Prince Edward Island) Salty, sweet
  • Chedabucto | (Nova Scotia) Medium salinity, mineral
  • Chef’s Creek | (Washington) Salty, cucumber finish, meaty
  • Chincatinque | (Virginia) Light, vegetable finish
  • Chippigane | (New Brunswick) Meaty, strong salinity
  • Cockenoe | (Bay Harbor, Long Island) Strong salinity, earthy after taste
  • Colville Bay | (Prince Edward Island) Sweet, watermelon finish
  • Conway Cup | (Prince Edward Island) Mild, mineral
  • Cooke’s Cove | (Prince Edward Island) Mild taste, sweet finish
  • Cotuit | (Cape Cod, Massachusetts) Plump, fairly salty
  • Debob Bay | (Washington) Creamy, very salty
  • Duke | (Prince Edward Island) Sweet, grassy and earthy finish
  • Eagle Creek | (Washington) Creamy, mild salinity
  • Eel lake | (Nova Scotia) Plump delicious oyster intense taste, strong salinity, mushrooms
  • Fanny Bay | (Baynes, Sound, Vancouver Island) Creamy, cucumber taste
  • Fine de Claire | (France) Salty, meaty
  • Fire River | (New Brunswick) Briny flavour, juicy
  • Fox Island | (Nova Scotia) Very salty, juicy
  • Gems | (British Colombia) Creamy, grassy after taste
  • Gigamoto | (British Colombia) Mineral, creamy, butter finish
  • Glidden Point | (Maine) Meaty, juicy
  • Gooseberry Bay | (Prince Edward Island) Salty, sweet
  • Grand Entrée | (Magdalen Islands) Mild, salty, very meaty
  • Grosse île | (Magdelan Islands) Meaty, spicy
  • Gulf Star | (Florida) Salty, juicy
  • Hamma Hamma | (Washington) Firm, mild
  • Hood Canal | (Washington) Deep cupped classic West Coast oyster, salty, mineral
  • Indian Creek | (Prince Edward Island) Sweet, earty finish
  • Island Creek | (Massachusetts) Juicy, citrus fruit finish
  • J’adore | (Prince Edward Island) Salty, sweet
  • Kawa Kawa | (New Zealand) Mineral, creamy, milky
  • Kusshi | (British Colombia) Cantaloup, cucumber
  • Kumamoto | (Washington) Originally from Japan, small oyster, exotic, butter finish
  • Lady Chatterly | (Nova Scotia) Light, salty, meaty, citrus fruit finish
  • Lamèque | (New Brunswick) Very salty, vegetable taste
  • Little Harbour | (Nova Scotia) Slightly salty, fatty
  • Lucky Lime | (Prince Edward Island) Salty, sweet
  • Lucy’s Legs | (New Brunswick) Mild, mineral
  • Malaspina | (Oregon) Medium size, creamy, succulent
  • Malagash | (Prince Edward Island) Salty, juicy
  • Malpeque | (Prince Edward Island) Easiest to eat, light in flavor, sweat mild finish
  • Marina Gold | (British Columbia) This oyster is grown in the remote and wild outer islands creamy full intense
  • Martha’s Vineyard | (Virginia) Salty, seaweed finish
  • Merigomish | (Nova Scotia) Slightly salty, mushroom taste
  • Mystic | (Connecticut) Salty, earthy, truffle
  • Nantucket | (New England) Sweet, mild, slightly briny, coppery finish
  • North Point | (Prince Edward Island) Light in flavor, sweet mild finish
  • Onset Bay | (Massachussets) Pronounced salinity, grassy, vegetable notes, lingering finish
  • Paramour | (Virginia) Creamy, ocean taste
  • Peaconic Bay | (Long Island) Small oyster, sweet, mild, a bit briny
  • Pearl Bay | (British Columbia) Mild, meaty, watermelon flavor
  • Pearl Point | (Washington) Medium size, slightly metallic, creamy texture
  • Pemaquid | (Maine) Firm, sweet, a hint of almond
  • Pickering Pass | (California) Light, juicy, mineral
  • Pickle point | (Prince Edward Island) Chunky, mild salinity, milked
  • Pine Island | (New York) Sweet, slightly salty, fruity
  • Prudence | (Rhode Island) Salty, mild, juicy
  • Pugwash | (Nova Scotia) Salty, sweet finish
  • Raspberry Point | (Prince Edward Island) Salty, sweet
  • Rocky Side | (Nova Scotia) Salty, juicy
  • Royal Miyagi | (Washington) Medium size, plump, creamy, kiwi flavor
  • Ruisseau | (Nova Scotia) Juicy
  • Sakannet | (Rhode Island) Mild, very tasty
  • Saint Simon | (New Brunswick) Small, salty
  • Salt Pond | (Rhode Islande) Mild salinity, crisp, clean ocean flavor
  • Salutation Co | (Prince Edward Island) Similar to Malpeque but sweeter
  • Samish Bay | (Washington) Mild, slightly mineral
  • Sea Angel | (British Colombia) Very meaty, vegetable taste
  • Shediac | (New Brunswick) Crisp full taste firm
  • Shiny Seas | (Prince Edward Island) Mild salinity, sweet grassy finish
  • Sinku | (British Columbia) West coast winner, honey melon flavor, creamy
  • Sister Point | (Washington) Delicate sweet flavor cucumber aftertaste
  • Shan Daph | (Nova Scotia) Meaty, slightly salty
  • Skokomish | (Washington) Creamy, buttery taste
  • Small islanders | (British Columbia) Fresh and sweet
  • Stellar Bay, Belon | (British Columbia) Meaty, very tasty
  • Stellar gold | (British Columbia) Cucumber and melon taste, sweet and creamy
  • South Lake | (Cape Breton) Salty, juicy
  • Snow Creek | (Oregon) Medium size, slightly briny finish
  • Spinney creek | (Maine) Mild salinity, crunchy, cooper finish
  • Steamboat | (Washington) Watermelon finish
  • Sweet point | (Cape Breton) Sweet and earthy taste
  • Summer Ice | (British Columbia) Sweet finish, very meaty
  • Tatamagouche | (Nova Scotia) Medium size, clean, crisp, lettuce like finish, best of NV
  • Top drawer | (British Colombia) This is a tray oyster a pampered oyster grown in fast moving tides sweet flavor, persistent finish
  • Thrumcaps | (Nova Scotia) Mild, vegetable and mushroom finish
  • Village Bay | (New Brunswick) Mild, mineral
  • Watchill | (Long Island) Salty, truffles
  • Wawenuk | (Maine) Juicy, chunky, briny
  • Wianno Mass | (Cape Cod) Sweet
  • Wellfleet | (Massachusetts) America’s favorite oyster, sweet crisp, salty, slight mushroom taste
  • Yaquino | (Oregon) Very salty, fruity finish

Please Note: Oysters are subject to availability.