“Saturday the 11th of April, we had the pleasure to spend the evening at Maestro SVP, one of Montreal’s top seafood destination for almost 25 years. We were warmly greeted by the owner, Ilene Polansky who made sure we were comfortable to start our seafood adventure.

With an impressive Oyster list with more than 25 different types of Oysters, Ilene took her time to explain us the different types, regions, nuances of flavors and the best way to complement each of them. For example: lemons, spicy vodka or in the case of Japanese oysters, naked is the way to go!

We savored the “Luckylime”, an Atlantic oyster from Prince Edwards Island (P.E.I) the salty finish and “Kumamoto” a small Japanese oyster cultivated in Washington State had a buttery finish.

After the Oysters, to open our palates even more, we tried the eccentric oyster shooter with spicy vodka, cocktail sauce and horseradish as an appetizer which was absolutely delicious and unlike any other shooter we’ve ever had.

Followed by a delicious tuna tartar with wonton chips and wasabi accompanied by a phenomenal bottle of Les Baroness Sancerre, a white Sauvignon from the Val de Loire region. A perfect compliment to sea food.

A striking sea food platter for 3 arrived for our main course with lobster, snow crab, steamed mussels and clams paired with a lemon and garlic butter, coconut shrimps with a orange marmalade sauce was divine. Two grilled shrimp satays with peanut sauce and fried calamari with a cayenne, gin and sour cream dipping sauce. We loved the variety of sea food and everything was perfectly cooked. A real gastronomic delight for any taste bud.

After a quick conversation pause, we discussed the benefits and aphrodisiac affects of eating oysters and how it has only 10 calories each.

And finally, the Maestro’s decadent desserts. We started with a oyster dessert, topped with a with orange Grand Marnier granite. A delicious blend of saltiness and sweetness. My favorite !

Of course we had to try the Maestro Brigade’s pride: a three milk cake with banana liqueur and The Ecstasy: a chocolate cake in melted Swiss chocolate

with banana ice cream which was to die for!

After spending an evening at Maestro SVP we definitely understand how the restaurant maintained its success for almost 25 years.

It is clear that Ilene Polansky has the highest of standards when it comes to every single detail from the ambience, music , lighting to the perfectly fresh and prepared sea food, paired with the best cocktails and wine. The impeccable service which all combined guarantees a delightful and an exotic culinary experience.”